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Tangerine Ice Cream

The phone rings... MOM-they have Tangerine ice cream you better go now before they close. I's almost 8 pm. & dad is going to work I can't go now. And tomorrow they are closed (...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by gingerdoxie

christians (small c) spreading their hate

“I don’t want a theocracy, but, I guarantee you, they want a homo-ocracy. Yeah, they want a homo-ocracy.” This is not the first time Jackson has made extreme anti-LGBTQ statements...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by GreatGayAuthor

A Friday Funny.

One of the reasons that I learned how to cook my own food is I have some vivid memories of my mother telling me that sooner or later I would get hungry enough to learn how to make my own damn sandwich...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by rantshack

A Moderate Point of View: Mueller, Impeachment and all things Trump! Why Trump should be Impeached! And its not why you might think!!

PERSONAL OPINION/ANAYSIS/COMMENTARY: "A man who loves his leader fights better than a man who fears his leader" Warriors of the Storm by Bernard Cornwell These words uttered by Lord Uhtred...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by AMODPOVW

China's Amazing Advance - Nominally "communist" State Offers World New Model For Advance - America Embraces China Had - Secular Religion

John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE BY FRED REED IN CHECKPOINT ASIA “Yesterday’s Country: Don’t Worry, They Can’t Innovate “The Chinese invented paper, compass, gu...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by chuckman

Evening 4/19/19 Scriptural Quote

Through knowledge shall the just be delivered. Prov 11:9...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by BrotherDocs

Frightening Words

The most frightening word I know is biopsy. The most frightening six-word sentence I know is we’ll need to do a biopsy. The sentence and the word when uttered by a medical person keep me up at...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by epiphanettes

Ethics People Fleeing Foxx's Office

People Fleeing Kim Foxx’s Office After Decision To Drop Charges Against Smollett 10:44 AM 04/19/2019 | Media Virginia Kruta | Associate Editor Two officials have resigned from their positions in...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by us2nomads

Frisky Friday And Easter Plans

Easter weekend! A very meaningful time for many, with a little fun thrown in, what with the coloring of the eggs and subsequent hunting of said Easter eggs. And let's have some fashion thrown int...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by elmo194855

chag sameach!

chag sameach! POSTED ON APRIL 19, 2019 UPDATED ON APRIL 19, 2019 Today is a BIG preparation day since Pesach is at sundown … but being good slaves to the tictoc machine, we will have it on the...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by rusty-armor

From Good Friday To Easter Sunday

I am going off, until Monday. No in and out this weekend. We will be focused upon the Lord, starting this evening, through Sunday. This Easter Celebrate Jesus, The Messiah, Lord of all. Jesus Messiah...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by ellie1142545

I'll go Easterish for the weekend

Background changed to Easter eggs and shopping tomorrow for what I'll bring to the family dinner on Sunday. So just reminding you that you only have a couple more days to dye those eggs and bake...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by sfeastbay

Assault on a Wizard

Stick with me here, please. I am going someplace with this, I hope, but it may take three or four posts to get there. I beg you not to lose interest although, this being Blogster, some of you already...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by ZenofKen

Little White Lies

My mother was an Irish country girl, very superstitious and quite frightened of Leprechauns, Fairies and the many other variations. I honestly do not think that she was really in fear of them but tha...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by wicklowmick

Something I Ate...?

The other day I bought a burrito from a little market in a town on the way to my first appointment. I had to wonder why they had so much lunch food so early in the morning, but brushed it off. The nex...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by maggiesnextphase

Life Really Is All About The Choices We Make

Yesterday during a conversation with my husband's youngest, I find out that his wife will be getting a CPAP machine for sleep apnea caused by her high blood pressure and weight. He's complai...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by ButteroseSherry

Let me tell you a tale.....

...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by Jollyonehere

return to Facebook; what's the worse that can happen?

I continue seeing all these anti-Facebook articles, ON Fcebook, regrding everything from security of personal data to the absurd claim that social media platforms are "shadowing," or blockin...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by beingnobody

Neon Moon...Brooks and Dunn

After work I hung around Scott's mom's to finalize the Easter menu. I was surprised to run into Scott's son who was home from college. He was 9 and his sister 3 when Scott first hooked...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by bluesonrisas

Bali October 2018 - Final day

My last full day in Bali I decided to spend the whole day at the beach. It was a beautifully sunny day, lots of people around and because most of the time it was overcast, I just wanted to "top u...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by Maria

The Reason

The Reason - Reasons are nebulous things, they can change with the wind or with the liars who distort them for fun & profit...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by udontsay

A Friday Funny

This is a photo post containing 2 photos... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by ricciw55

The "cathedral of the living" is also burning, why do not we do anything?

The "cathedral of the living" is also burning, why do not we do anything? April 18, 2019 1.08pm EDT The leopard of Love, a very rare species, has been considered critically endangered sin...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by ceilede

Hi, Hi, Hope All Are Well.

My friends, I hope this ramble finds you all well and happy, I cant believe it's been a week since I bored you all ,well get ready, here I go, grab a coffee, tea, wine, or prozac, ,first and most...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Shaunepawn

Update sort of

We did make it over to see the Doctor today...and I will be damned if she didnt try and put me on BP meds. I have NEVER had elevated BP, not ever,infact it will tend to run low. I believe right now it...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by 4lorac323

Nothing Like Waiting Until the Last Minute

When I signed up for my writing assignment it was about three weeks ago and I had every intention of doing it as soon as possible. The deadline was today. Well, I did it yesterday. I decided I would w...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by MarissaG

Why I don't believe the distractor-in-chief and his mouthpieces at Fox and elsewhere

First of all, i have, don't and won't ever support the current person in the White House. He is not only bad for America, but for the world. If anybody doubts my claim look at the islamic b...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by scenefromtheleft

Sven, Charlie

Being in the house with GG and his depression really gets tough, so I went out to clip some briers away from the electric fence. My helpers, Sven and Charlie went with me. After we did a stretch, we...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by LouieLouie

YouTube Watchers

...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by SouthernCharm

My Opinion and Welcome to It

I've had a bad eye for days. My eyelid is sore. The area around my eye is sore and it weeps incessantly. Eye drops don't seem to help so now I'm rinsing it with salt water as often as I...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by AmalaTsering

Bob Mueller To Be Drilled By Democrats - The Revenge Of The Nerds

Poor Bob Mueller, always finding himself in uncomfortable situations beyond his control. When George Bush picked him to head the FBI just 7 days before 9/11 with the statement that the FBI must remain...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Thewritertwo

I Guess I Have Had Flu The Past Couple Of Days

I thought I had Measles...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by wesleyonrot

Throat Punch Thursday

Here it is again...seems like it comes around every week. Sigh. Who is your nominee today? Who is crawling into your space? Even though she is already dead, I nominate the 18 year-old girl who flew fr...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by bigfatdaddy

Has Anyone Noticed?

Has anyone else that smfmystery always manages to make himself the hero of his stories? Narcissism much...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by RumpledForeskin

Loved This Story, And To Think My Wife, My Students, And I Did The Right Thing.

Science A fossil hunter is selling a baby T-rex on eBay, and scientists are livid Mike Wehner, BGR News 15 hours ago One of the great things about the world of science is that researchers in most fiel...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by smfmystery

Unplanned Trailer

"Planned Parenthood is responsible for an estimated 60 million abortions since 1973....... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by isolateX

Hulu, Spotify, Netflix, and Cable

I am not a huge Slayer fan, but for some reason, I was in a mood earlier this morning. I hadn't had Spotify in awhile, but decided to bring it back. I admit that it was my favorite music/podcast...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by blogmom

Be that

As the single drop of rain drops upon an unfurling leaf Bringing forth the fresh scent that spring brings Renewing with hope all of the coming days Showing the unique beauty to brighten our days Life...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by tesstruhartz1

(Update) FRIDAY FIVES: $19,800 A Life Changing Amount?

I am behind answering notifications and PMs so just a quick update before we get into Friday Fives for this week, which I am posting early in anticipation of being busy over the next few days. Simon m...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Imperatrix


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